Nikao Hill is new to the recruiting industry and is a Sourcer with Wayne Technologies.  He is working across two dozen different recruiting tools to deliver a diverse candidate pool to global clients across all industries.  Wayne Technologies does contract sourcing, but is all deliverable-based which enables Nikao to use his research, analysis, and creative skills to come up with unique ways to find top talent.

He is also a new Program Committee member with the Association of Talent Acquisition Professionals. When he is not clicking away at his computer, you will find him making friends everywhere he goes, learning new guitar riffs, or burying his nose in a fantasy novel.

He may be new to the scene, but hey, every hero has an origin story...

How to Avoid Buzzword Bingo

Keywords are important. I do not deny that. Yet, it is just as important to understand what a candidate is actually doing, not just checking the boxes for … Read more