Atlanta's own Tech Sourcer Supreme, Martel Howard, excels in Boolean & X-Ray search techniques. An active participant in the #boolean, #sourcing, and #recruiting spheres, he's skilled in identifying high-caliber candidates in the IT field such as Software Engineers, Platform Architects, and Android Developers; however, his sourcing skills also span diverse industries. Martel's unique sourcing method focuses on harmonizing talent acquisition with a company's cultural identity and visionary outlook.
Beyond the above, Martel Howad is an enthusiast of comic books, sci-fi, puns, pomegranates and dry humor. His evenings are often filled with the star-studded realms of Star Trek: TNG and DS9, or reveling in the humor of Seinfeld's unique cast. Steel from DC Comics is one of his favorite characters; he stands as a symbol of unyielding hope and courage, inspiring us to reach new heights in our personal and professional lives.