Originating from the bullpen of a 90’s IT Staffing firm, Lucas Berg rose through the ranks of Talent Acquisition eventually leading Recruiting Operations that spanned all 7 continents, and covered every skill set from Custodian to CFO.  Today, Lucas coaches companies on how to win at talent acquisition, retain their stars, build high performance teams, and develop business strategies grounded in an ability to execute at an operational level. Lucas is a trusted consultant to CEOs, HR and Talent Acquisition Leaders who are looking to grow their teams strategically, retain top talent and cultivate a unique culture that fosters organizational growth and hits financial goals. Lucas is the Founder and CEO of Talent Acquisition Concepts, he can be reached at LBerg@TalentAcquisitionConcepts.com.

The Phone Screen

You’ve plumbed the deepest depths of the internet. You’ve written, rewritten practiced and perhaps perfected your search string. You’ve assembled a list of … Read more