Jason Elkin is the founder and chief people officer of WERKLABS, a talent acquisition-as-a-service venture that primarily focuses on startups in California.

With over 15+ years of experience developing lean & scalable solutions for some of the most recognizable names in tech, Jason brings a unique lens to the talent paradigms of today’s hiring challenges. In 2009 Jason pioneered the “Lean Organic Talent Acquisition” method for early/mid-stage startups. This method was a fist to incorporate Lean-Agile principles with Behavioral Neuroscience. This method blended a streamlined hiring process with a superior candidate experience to accelerate candidate acquisition. By integrating Lean Organic Talent Acquisition principles into the hiring culture of startups, Jason has been able to build best-in-class organizations for many companies.

Jason holds a BA from Tel-Aviv University and is currently working on his first book for millennial job seekers who are pursuing a career in the startup world.