Iryna Sulatska is a Tech Recruiter at Matic, Lecturer at Lviv IT School and Public Speaker who has been in the tech industry for five years. She falls in love with creating sourcing strategies, recruitment analytics, and collaboration with tech teams. On her conviction, a professional recruiter is a networker, interviewer, strategist, detective, amazing sourcer, content manager, marketing manager, business analyst, sales manager, analyst, negotiator, all rolled into one. Recruiting for her is teamwork and a two-way street. 
She knows how to build professional relationships with different kind of stakeholders, and how to strike the correct balance between business needs and candidates goals. She believes, that recruiter can't help with teams growth without an understanding of the business idea, business model and companies strategy. 
Her main value is honesty. She's all for tactful frankness, respect for other people, equal treatment of different people and thoughts. She sees in every person, first and foremost, a person, not a profession, social status, location or achievements.
Iryna is an open networker and encourages you to connect with her.