Iker has been recently awarded the Sosueu Hackathon winner title and the AirSource Sourcing Competition. He is also one of the two European top ten finalists for the SourceCon Grandmaster Challenge.

Before that, as a young professional, he managed the internal recruitment for the first branch in France of Spanish construction and transport SME between 2012 and 2014, in addition to being in charge of HR, Operations and Account Management. During that experience, it’s when he decided to specialize in recruitment, trying as a Freelance while relocating to the United Kingdom and joining Hudson RPO in 2014. For two years, he was one of the senior members of the EMEA Center of Excellence, working for a variety of global corporate firms, leading different recruitment teams and projects in the retail, FMCG, finance, IT, manufacturing and pharmaceutical industries. More recently, he moved to Solutions Driven, a recruitment agency headquartered in Glasgow, working in exclusive assignments with global outreach. As part of his role leading the sourcing function for the business, he has to stay ahead of any new tools and methods, guiding the team to be best-in-class, while polishing an already well-established sourcing culture and process.