French-based in Switzerland, I fell into recruitment (yes a "headhunter" with suit and tie) straight from university, moved to London, then Geneva, set up recruitment teams in my agency years, set up my own agency and decided that sourcing was really my thing and that I wanted to focus on it fully. I'm the "crazy sourcer" my TA clients call when they struggle on an impossible role, I train internal sourcing teams, set up sourcing/recruitment/employer branding strategies. These days, I'm spending most of my time setting up a state-of-the-art sourcing function within PMI (Philip Morris Intl) to help them in one of the largest business transformation worldwide, transitioning to a smoke-free future. Speaker at SourceCon Europe Budapest 18, sourcing summit Europe / Germany / UK, 2nd SourceCon Grandmaster Runner-up 2017, co-organizer of #truGeneva and #truParis. I enjoy meeting other people who think likewise, always happy to share and meet, please get in touch!