Christie McPherson, founder & CEO of AIM Advising, is a 10+ year professional in recruiting, leadership, culture development, and talent growth through learning. While that all sounds important, she will be the first to tell you “I just help other people find what makes them happy and successful” which in the people industry is no small task. 

The self-proclaimed “funny girl” has a refreshing take on true authenticity in her work and life. Christie is casual, real, and engaging. Her career experience in a variety of industries and organizations worldwide allow her to have a thought-provoking perspective on who she seeks to help in her work through AIM Advising -- people just like you.

Christie writes and speaks about what’s truly broken in the people business and what we can each do to improve it no matter our role. Follow her on Twitter or connect with her on LinkedIn. You can also follow her company, AIM Advising, on TwitterFacebook, or LinkedIn. Christie also welcomes you to email her directly -- she loves people otherwise she’d be the first to say she’s in the wrong line of work! Email her at