Ben Foster (PHR) can be found sourcing and hiring world-class marketers as both search and in-house TA, depending on the day. 12 years into the industry, Ben has served within talent acquisition at Land O'Lakes, Wells Fargo, Ecolab and marketing agency giant, Momentum Worldwide / IPG in a mix of FTE and/or consulting engagements. He is the owner and Principal Recruiter at 4SIGHT SEARCH, a boutique search & consulting firm specializing in all disciplines of marketing. 
Ben is known for bridging talent acquisition with marketing; for exceptional candidate sourcing; and going about our work with a sense of authenticity. He also has a diverse perspective from corporate and agency environments. As he notes, "When you play the search side and in-house side at the same time, you see a lot of stuff . . . how and how not to conduct yourself!" 
Ben's mini goldendoodle, #RomaPup, goes with him everywhere, and when not recruiting Ben can be found bonding with his crazy little family. He is also an active vocalist (singer/beatboxer) . . . and has been known to bust out the beats when presenting at industry events.